About the Program

Acting with social responsibility based on the understanding of its role in society and the communities in which it operates is a premise that Gerdau invests in, aiming to translate intentions into concrete actions that contribute to the social transformation of its corporate environment and, primarily, of society.

The Gerdau Volunteer Program aims to structure corporate volunteer actions by mobilizing employees to carry out organized activities in social projects supported by the Gerdau Institute Committees (CIGs). The Program will also be responsible for planning and implementing awareness-raising, training, and recognition activities for volunteer employees.

A Gerdau volunteer is someone who donates their time, knowledge, and/or skills to a social action aimed at benefiting the communities where the company operates.

As a result, employees can exercise their citizenship and be closer to the community in which the company operates. Additionally, there are also several indirect contributions to the company, including improving the organizational climate, strengthening the sense of belonging, and personal and professional development of the involved associates.


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